binary matrixSPI Researchers offers a variety of methodologies for communicating and doing business.


The integration capability of LinXML allows us to accept and import orders from our clients that can cover all of the background screening search types that we provide. Once completed, all of the results for any of these provided search types can then be sent back to you via XML.

SPI Web Based

Most of our customers prefer a state of the art Internet transmission and delivery system that is offered at no charge to our clients. Our web based case management system allows you to access our website, place orders and retrieve results directly through the Internet.

Client Web Based

Many of our customers have web based case management systems of their own for processing requests. We offer the capability of pulling new requests from their website and entering results directly through their system as soon as the results are received.

Fax / Email

We accept facsimile transmissions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via our toll free fax line. Return reports are faxed back directly to the location designated by the customer.

SPI Researchers has full-time Information Technology staff available to assist with training and implementation.

Demonstration of the SPI Researchers web application is available. Contact SPI Researchers at to arrange for a demonstration.