SPI Researchers’ Reports

  • If you are a provider of pre-employment screening services, you will find that SPI Researchers delivers the reports you need to meet your client’s expectations in a timely manner.
  • SPI Researchers reports are easy to read and understand. Our format can be customized and adapted by you for your own reporting format, so that you experience a minimal delay in   converting our criminal record reports to your own.
  • At no additional cost, SPI can offer our unique Customer Results Report (CRR), which can       assist you in developing your own return on investment report. Our report provides you with details on the level of service and results we have provided specific to your company. This     allows you to easily measure the value of our product to you the customer. It also provides you with the details you need to assist you in offering your customers the same service.

Below are examples of the SPI reports. Please click on the link provided to see an enlarged view of the report.