Criminal Records Provider

SPI Researchers was founded in 2002, and we offer more than 25 years of pre-employment and wholesale criminal research experience to our clients. SPI Researchers has been acquiring      criminal records for over 12 years for pre-employment screening companies worldwide. It is our only business.

The sole focus on one service allows us to provide an unparalleled level of customer attention and extremely fast turnaround times. We process requests quickly and often respond with all the information our clients need on the same day they made the request.

Extensive Access to Research Tools

Our goal is to become the premier source of wholesale criminal records for all pre-employment screening companies. To accomplish this goal, we have integrated the latest technology to quickly access pertinent information from local counties all over the United States and deliver it our clients. We offer the standard search, which goes back seven years, or we can perform an extended search that goes back many years as necessary.

Convenient and Accommodating Criminal Background Check

When you turn to SPI Researchers for criminal records, you can expect helpful and expedient service from trained professionals. We oversee and manage a network of more than 810 expert researchers that we utilize to provide the records you need. Our capabilities encompass county-level criminal searches for felonies and misdemeanors. This access is how we are able to provide such a fast turnaround time for clients.

If you ever have questions about submitting a request or checking the status of a record, you can always count on us for fast and friendly customer service. As members of the NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), we take pride in our work because we know how important our job is. Companies from all around the United States count on us to ensure they are hiring employees that will contribute to a safe work environment.

Extended Searches

If you require a criminal background that goes beyond seven years, we can provide an extended search. We charge an additional $2 for each year that goes beyond the standard seven-year search. Delays are common during an extended search.

Contact us today to learn more about SPI Researchers and the accurate wholesale criminal records we provide. Our wholesale criminal record       services are available throughout the United States.